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 ECM Electornically Commutated Motor
 EC Summarize of products
 EC Electronically Controlling Motor
 Summary of YWF Seiries axial fans
 YWF Series Axial Fans
 YWF Series External Rotor Motors
 Summary of LXF Series centrifugal fans
 LXF Series Centrofugal Fans
 YZF Summarize of products
 YZF Series Shaded Pole Motors
 YZF With Pin Terminal Motors
 YZF Series With Plug Motors
 YCF Series Capacitance Motors
 YZF Air Flow
 YZF30 Series Shaded Pole Motors
 YGF Series Cross Flow Motors
 YJF Summarize of products
 YJF Series Shaded Pole Motors
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YCF Capacitance Motors
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