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Why would generate electrical current axis?
PubTime:2008/8/28 14:05:39 Hits:6926
Motor housings axis --- --- base in the loop current known as the current axis.
Current axis of the reasons:
(1) asymmetrical magnetic field;

(2) supply current in the harmonic;
(3) manufacturing, installation bad, because the rotor eccentric gap caused by uneven;
(4) removable stator core gap between the two semicircle;
(5) fan Diecheng the stator core of the fight inappropriate choice of the number of tablets.
So that the electrical surface or ball bearings by the erosion of porous-way point, bearing deterioration of operating performance, friction loss and fever increased, eventually causing bearings burned.
(1) Elimination of harmonic pulse of flux and power (such as the output side of the installation of AC converter reactor);
(2) the electrical design, will the sliding bearing housings and base insulation, the outer ring and rolling bearing cover insulation.  
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