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Worm gear reducer of frequently asked questions
PubTime:2008/8/28 14:04:59 Hits:6823
  Common problems and their causes: 1) fever reducer and oil spills, (2) Worm wear, (3) drive small helical gear and wear, (4) bearings (the worm) damage.
     A fever reducer and oil spills. Worm reducer in order to improve efficiency, use of non-ferrous metals generally do worm, the worm has adopted a hard steel, because it is sliding friction drive, running the process, will result in a higher heat, so that all parts reducer and sealed The variance between the thermal expansion and thus in the face with a gap, and the oil due to the increase of temperature-thinning, likely to cause leakage. There are four main points, with First, the material is reasonable, and the other is the meshing of the friction surface quality, and the third is the choice of lubricating oil, the amount is correct, four assembly is the quality and use of the environment.
     2 worm gear and wear. Worm general use of bronze, matching the worm material generally used 45 steel hardened to HRC45 a 55, also used 40 C: Hardened HRC50 a 55, the worm grinder grinding to roughness RaO. 8 fcm, reducer normal operation, Hardening of the worm as a "File", kept files cut worm, a worm gear and wear. Generally speaking, this wear very slowly, like a factory for some deceleration can use more than 10 years. If wear faster, we should consider the reducer selection is correct, whether there are overloaded operation, Worm Gear materials, assembly or use of environmental quality and other reasons.
     3 small helical gear transmission wear. General installation in the vertical plane of the slowdown, mainly with the amount of oil and lubricants of choice. Vertical installation, it is easy for the lack of lubricant oil, to stop functioning when the reducer, motor and transmission gear reducer between the loss of oil, lubricating the gears are not duly protected, or start the process of operation is not effectively Lubrication or even lead to mechanical abrasion damage.  
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